Top 5 Traits Attractive Women Look For In A Man

Trust me, no lady would want to keep a guy of low key to herself, they always try as much as possible to go for the ones with good qualities.As for the guys out there , you might be wondering what are those features you will need to keep so to have ladies all over you. We shall take you through these  features so you can see how to work on them.


  1. Good looking. Now good looking isn’t all about how fine your face is but how well you package yourself. You definitly have to keep a good hair cute,use a good body moisturizer and body spray as well.I bet you , no girl will resist your apearance any where.Ladies love good smells a lot.
  2. Fashion: A good looking guy with poor out-fits is totaly out of it. Common bro, you need to be classic in appearance, get the best clothings that will give you that irresistable look when ladies come across you.You need to go for the best and affordable designers out there but one thing you must have the back of your mind is that you must not exhaust you account just to impress ladies, though at the other way round, you could use this cloths for other function as well.
  3. Attitude: Your atitude as a guy speaks a lot about you,to get that women trafic,you need to have a welcoming manner with no pride attached. Ladies love quiet and simple guys a lot and would do everything  just to keep one.
  4. Company: A woman needs your time more than anything but at the same time, you can’t afford to spend all day with her when you should be out there hustling for what to bring back home for dinner. How do you go about this? The truth is  ‘no matter how busy you may be,try to creat a little time for her’.
  5. Audience: Ladies need audience a lot and will go miles just to have a man that could give them his audience so as a man out there, you have to work on this so to impress that dream girl.
  6. You Need to be Funny:To put that smile and laughter on their faces, you need to br funny as a guy,ladies really don’t like a boring relationship so as a man , you will need this quality so to attract them.

With all these features , you get to see that no lady will come across you and wouldn’t want to have a tast of what it feels like to be with you.