Many have been killed by ISIS and many homes destroyed.The militants slaughtered innocent people almost every day.

The presence of Taliban in Afghanistan has been of life threatening for decades now while that of ISIS just began of recent and they are working so hard to regroup themselves in Afghanistan because their former stations  in Iraq and Syria have almost been taken over by retaliating forces from the government.In a place like Iraq, the Prime Mimister Haider al- Abadi insisted that ISIS must have no place in Iraq.

Afghan Women decide to take up arms

The Afghan tribal women decided to pick up guns so to fight against ISIS
Afghan women pick up arms to stop ISIS

The Afghan tribal women decided to pick up guns so to fight against ISIS, Taliban any other form of terrorism in their territory. According the Khaama Press report: “The anti-ISIS and anti-Taliban uprising by women has taken shape in the remote Darzab district of Jawzjan.”

The action of these women have gone viral especially on social media.Khaama Press report said: “the women formed an uprising to resist against the militants who are desperately attempting to expand foothold in the northern parts of the country,”.

The women headed by a 53 year old  Fatima, decided to take up arms so to stop the invasion of  Taliban and ISIS into their territory. Apart from taking up arms to fight the militants,  the women are also into running security patrols in their territory.

This is not the first time an Afghan woman will pick up arms to fight terrorist in Afghanistan.In 2014, an Afghan woman by named Reza Gul, decided to pick up arms to kill about 24 Talibans shortly after her son was killed by a Taliban.