House of Former President Jonathan burgled and Valuable Items Stolen By Nigerian Police Officers

House of former President Jonathan burgled and valuable items stolen by Nigerian Police Officers. Ukridosblog, learnt that one of the private resident of former President Goodluck Jonathan at Gwarimpa in Abuja was burgled and valuable items stolen by the Nigerian Police Force.

The police officers involved where assigned to guide the house of the former president. It was on this note the Nigerian Police Force had to ordered the arrest of the three officers for burgling into the house of Dr. Ebele Jonathan and stealing items valued at several millions of Naira.

Among the items stolen by the officers were;

Sets of furniture, dozens of plasma television sets, refrigerators, air-conditioner units and box-loads of clothes such as designer suits imprinted with the former president’s name, male and female Ijaw traditional attires, lace materials and bowler hats.

We also learnt that the former president Jonathan had gone to visit the house after he got the information, he immediately had to call the Inspector General of Police to inform him.

Ikechukwu Eze, a spokesperson to Dr. Jonathan, confirmed the incident and said the three officers have been arrested.

After the arrest, two dealers said to have been the main recipients of the stolen items, had absconded, closing down their shops at Panteka market.

According to Premium Time, the looting was uncovered when a neighbour to the former president at Gwarimpa, had noticed that sever damage was made to the house, he immediately got across to a member of the family through phone call, to ask if the house was undergoing renovation.

How the Sells of the Stolen Items Started

A trader in the market revealed that the police officers first brought the stolen items for sale in 2016, according to the trader;

“A mobile police sergeant came to Tipper Garage market and brought some items for sale. He approached one of the wholesalers to buy them, but the trader said he does not buy items from an unconfirmed owner.

“He identified himself as Sergeant Musa and told the trader that he was one of the security men guarding Mr. Jonathan’s private residence at Gwarimpa. He took the trader to follow him to confirm that he was not a thief who had come to sell off stolen properties in the market.

“The trader followed him to the residence where he met two other policemen, an inspector and a sergeant. They convinced him that the items were part of gifts to them.

House of Former President Jonathan burgled and Valuable Items Stolen By Nigerian Police Officers

“At a point, the trader became scared when he suspected foul play and told Sergeant Musa that he was no longer interested in the transaction.”

A reporter from Premium Time visited the market to interview one of the trader and according to the trader, he said;

“The policeman sold one to the wholesaler who is now on the run at N50, 000.00. The wholesaler sold it at N180,000.00 to a lucky buyer in the market who in turn instantly sold it at N390,000.00. I personally bought babban riga, and a suit with Jonathan’s name printed underneath it at the cost of N5,000.00 each.”

Ukridosblog gathered that the list of items and their quality sold were as follows;

1. Niger Delta traditional attires in about 20 Ghana-must-go sacks.

2. Suits, each one with “President Jonathan” inscribed in the inner side, in 5 big Ghana-must-go sacks.

3. About 10 big Ghana-must-go sacks of women attires made from lace materials sewn in Niger Delta style.

4. More than 10 bundles of Ankara materials, known as Atamfa.

5. About 10 sets of babban riga.

6. One big Ghana-must-go sack containing clothes with PDP logo neatly sewn on each one.

7. About 20 Niger Delta bowler hats.


1. 36 Plasma televisions.

2. About 25 refrigerators.

3. Five sets of furniture.

4. Two sets of sitting room chairs.

5. Several air conditioner units.


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