Major Challenges of Cloud Computing Technology

Major Challenges of Cloud Computing Technology. Cloud computing technology has to do with the services of compute power, applications, data storage and other IT resources given to a customer on request, by a cloud services platform through the internet using a pay-as-you-go pricing method.

What Can Cloud Computing Technology do for You?

When it comes to do with direct access to server, database , storage and other larger applications services on the Internet, Cloud Computing, will enable gain easy access to them. This can be made possible either through a personal cloud or a third-party server located in a data center. With this method, data-accessing, can be reliable with little administration support.

Despite the fact that cloud technology provides an easy access to server, database and the rest, it also comes with it own challenges of which if you must achieve your expected results, you must look into correcting those challenges.

In this article, we will list those major challenges you should expect before thinking of adopting a cloud computing technology.

1. Expenses: You are bound spend more when it comes to do with converting the platform so to suite the needs of the company. Though the price of Cloud Computing is nominal but the cost of migrating data to public clouds, can become a great challenge to small-scale businesses. While working for your company, you may spend less on system management, maintenance and acquisitions but when it comes to do with cost of Bandwidth, hell will break loose especially for larger data applications.

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2. Trustworthiness. You will need to be sure of the integrity and trustworthiness of you service provider. Such service provider must guarantee you of its services when ever you need them. Make sure you are certain of their availability so to avert any form of disappointment.

3. Service Downtime: All most every sell is faced with downtime. It’s a major challenge in cloud technology. In this technology, small-scale businesses are made to rely on their connectivity. On this note, most companies whose Internet connections are not reliable, would want to undergo more research before going for cloud computing technology.

Challenges of Cloud Computing
Cloud Security

4. Security Details: One of the major challenges in cloud computing is security and privacy, it has been discovered that the security details of any cloud reduces following the increasing number of those who have access to it. When ever you give one your password details, such person will always have a knowledge of the information in there. In order to prevent this, companies are advised to adopt multi-factor authentication and also give maximum security to their password either by changing it regularly or by generating a more stronger password. The right to access the passwords and usernames should only be given out base on request.

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5. System Data Privacy: Sharing your data with a third party could put your personal information stored in the cloud at risk. To safeguard your information, you must define them as internal use only.

6. Check Out for Vendor lock-in: You may sometimes face with difficulties that could discourage you from opting out from a particular provider but to no avail due to Vendor Lock-in. In order to avoid this, make sure there is a provision for you to transfer your business to another provider should you feel uncomfortable with a provider.

7. Expertise: In this situation, despite that fact that a lot of IT workers have been working day and night to boost their cloud computing experience, most employers still find difficulties in meeting a more professional hand for the job. To overcome this, most companies have taken a step by calling for more workers with cloud computing certificates and Experts also advise on giving more training to the existing workers so to enable them catch up with the technology.

8. Governance: Governance could become great challenge especially when the speed and ease of deploying new computing resources become a huge problem. Most companies do not have access to the shadow IT, used by their workers and as a result of that, governance becomes a problem in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Experts, in response to this, revealed that companies can remove most of this cloud computing management issues by adopting the best method, which involves establishing and enforcing standards and policies.

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9. Environments : Another major challenge facing cloud computing is Environment. Most companies do not stick to a single cloud environment, instead they prefer going for multi-cloud environments which will end up adding more problems to the IT team. On this note, experts have advised that more research and training of workers should be carried out as part of the measures to overcome this challenge.

10. Immature Technology: It has been discovered that a lot of cloud computing services these days do not give their customers the best services especially in the areas of usability, performance, and reliability.

Cloud Computing Technology is a great IT step to succeed in a good business but the challenges shouldn’t be overlooked while adopting the technology. To succeed in cloud computing, you must work on addressing the above challenges.

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