Video: Mad Man Says Governor Rochas Okorocha Will Go To Prison

Video: Mad Man Says Governor Rochas Okorocha Will Go To Prison. A mad man in Imo State, has come out to reveal what will happen to Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha, in feature.

In a video trending on social media, the mad man was seen lamenting over the current bad roads in Imo state, adding that the governor did nothing in his eight years of his administration.

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In his statement, the mad man said;

“I am not against Rochas, now we under hold-up, Weldral road, the suncity construction company that is handling Weldra, the road has been under construction for six to seven months now, no headway, the hold-up, the erratic bottle-neck traffic gridlock that is causing in this Weldra road is something that Nigeria as a whole should be concerned about.”

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He added;

“Rochas is a hypocrite, eight years in office he did nothing, now he’s trying to bring in some kind of modalities so that we’ll not send him to prison. Rochas is going to prison, he wanted to bring in Ogunba to cover up his atrocities, and will still be manipulating Ogunba against us, it cannot be, it cannot be. Solidarity continues, Rochas is going to prison, the second governor that will go to prison.”

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Watch Video here

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