Cheap Electricity With Suppliers in the UK

Many are curious to get cheap electricity from energy providers around them and have also been worried about the growing cost of electricity within their location and also find it difficult to know if the cost of electricity is the same everywhere, but of course “no,” the cost of electricity varies defending on the electricity company you are buying from and the country you are. 

How to get a Cheap Electricity to your Home

Sometimes, people wonder if securing a cheaper electricity will end them with a more poor customer service, but the answer is ,”No,” it won’t. The truth about it is that every home has it own level of electricity consumption, that is to say the level of consumption varies from home to home. In every home, there are those items or appliances that really influence the cost of electricity, therefore if you must access a cheaper electricity cost, you must look into the kind of appliances you keep at home. 

On this note, getting a cheaper Electricity will depend on some factors stated below;

  1. Location:  The location where you find yourself, plays a major role in the cost of electricity bills within that area. Generally it is believed that one can easily access a more cheaper electricity in remote areas where the level of consumption is quite nominal than what it is in the city. So if you really won’t to get a more cheap electricity, remote areas will be a better option.
  2. Premises : The type of premises also determine the cost of accessing electricity. That is to say that the cost of electricity for business premises varies from that of a home. A business premises is entitled to more electricity bills than a home.
  3. Level of Consumption : This factor can easily be determined by the user of electricity. You have to look into those appliances you keep at home and control how you use them. Appliances with higher energy consumption will always attract high cost of charges.
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Cheap Electricity from good energy suppliers is very important to small businesses and in this article, we will introduce you to top energy suppliers within the UK, who can offer you with a more cheaper electricity for your business.

24 Cheap Electricity Suppliers for Small Businesses in the UK

There are a lot of electricity companies in the UK where you can access cheap electricity for your home and small scale businesses. Here we will list just 24 of them.

  1. Dual Energy 
  2. British Gas 
  3. EDF Energy 
  4. E.ON 
  5. Extra Energy
  6. Engie 
  7. Haven Power
  8. Gazprom Energy
  9. nPower
  10. Hudson
  11. Scottish Power
  12. Opus Energy
  13. SSE
  14. United Gas and Power
  15. Total Gas and Power
  16. Yorkshire Gas and Power 
  17. Bulb
  18. Green Network Energy
  19. Spark
  20. Powershop
  21. Ovo Energy
  22. Scottishpower
  23. ESB
  24. Bristol Energy

With the above listed electricity suppliers, you should be able to access a more cheaper electricity plan within the UK.

Steps to Get Cheap Electricity for your Home or Small Business 

Before you think of going for a cheaper electricity plan, you first of all choose your tariff, compare electricity providers so to know the best energy provider. 

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Fixed: In fixed deal, the charges remains fixed all through the contract with the company. This deal is usually the best for small businesses but the disadvantage is that you can not switch till the contract is finished.

Flexible: With Flexible, you are permitted to pay in advance for electricity which in return gives you the privilege to enjoy low rate should your consumption be high but the bad news is that you may run at a loss should the prices drop later.

Smart meter: To prevent unnecessary charges, a step will be taken to record your level of electricity consumption . This process will be carried out every half an hour and the data collected will be sent to your supplier. With this method, you can be sure of the charges.

Compare Suppliers Quotes

One of the ways to look out for a cheaper electricity tariff is to compare the various  qoates from suppliers . You can do so by checking the following;

Check The Price per Unit: This is the charge per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you consumed.

Standing Charge: This is the charge you are expected to pay everyday to your energy supplier for their service.

What to do Before You Pick a contract with the Supplier

Before picking up a contract with a supplier, you have to consider how frequent you would want the flexibility to switch, the number of years in the location and also consider if your desire business will be successful in that location. You must also have it at the back of your mind that some of the contract stand between 1 and 4 years. Though there are some you could find below a year or more that 4years.

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The Time of the Day You Can Get Cheap Electricity.

This may come as a shock to many that there is a time of the day, one can get a cheaper electricity tariff, regardless of your plan. This is call Off-Peak Tariffs.

Off-Peak Tarrif: Most of the tariffs call for double meters to function, in these two meters, one will be connected to those normal appliances while the other which is the off-peak meter, will go for hot water and heating.

Types of Off-Peak 

Off-Peak E: This Tarrif can help you get cheap electricity for 8hours to store your heat every day. In this Tarrif, the off-peak period though do varies but usually begins between 10-12pm.

Off-Peak F : With this Tarrif, you can get cheap electricity for Ten and half hours so to store your heat everyday. The off-peak time begins from 1:30pm to 4pm and all night between 11pm – 7am.

Off-Peak Fx:This Tarrif can also give you a cheap electricity for Ten and half hours to store your heat and those hours begin between 4am to 2:30pm.

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