Photo:Dance Comedian Drinks 4 Bottles Of Beer At A Burial Then This Happened Him

What was meant to be an entertainment turned out to be a case of emergency as a dance comedian allegedly drank just four bottles of beer and decided to upgrade his performance to a higher level.

According to a Facebook user identified as Ifeanyi Onyenankeya, the dance comedian got drunk after consuming four bottles of beer at the funeral event in Okigwe area in Imo state, he then climbed a Palm tree to show one of his many talents but unfortunately, he couldn’t complete the journey.

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The report has it that when that dancing comedian go to the middle of the palm tree, he noticed he had gone out of the normal range, there he began to cry and beg for help and immediately, people began to run around to ‘rescue’ him and find a way to bring him down.

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We learnt that most people ran to get him a ladder while others went for mattress.

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