Photo: Google’s Wing kicks off first drone delivery service in Australia

A new technology of delivering goods and services to a customer’s door step, using drones has begun in Australia’s capital.

The new tech, uses string to lower small items to the front yards of any customer.

The drone delivery service was developed by Project Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet. The new technology is used to fly coffee, fresh food, drugs and others small items to the home of any customer that purchases them.

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According to BBC, the delivery service was launched in Australia’s capital this week. Wing Medium, in press release on Monday, wrote;

“Our service allows customers to order a range of items such as fresh food, hot coffee or over-the-counter chemist items on our mobile app, and have them delivered directly to their homes by drone in minutes.”

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BBC, reported that even the Australian Aviation Authority, has given Wing, the go-ahead to operate the commercial drone delivery service after evaluating the company’s safety record and operational plans.

Wing, in a comment, said

“When they do a delivery drop they hover over the site and it sounds like an extremely loud, squealing vacuum cleaner,” the group said on its website. The Australian aviation authority ordered Wing to develop quieter drones for its deliveries. As part of the agency’s new policy, drone deliveries will only be conducted on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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“The feedback we have received during the trials has been valuable, helping us to refine our operations to better meet the needs and expectations of the communities in which we operate.”

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