U.S. Tech Giant Apple wants to protect you from accidental in-app subscriptions

In a move to protect users from subscribing to different apps, Apple, the iPhone producer, has introduced a new guide for users who wants to subscribe to iOS apps.

The new technology is designed in a way that when you click on the button for in-app subscription, either to unlock premium or upgraded feature, iOS, will reportedly flash a pop-up that instructs “Confirm Subscription” . After this, the  alert, which was seen earlier by developer David Barnard, comes after you confirm a subscription with Touch ID.

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According to Cnet, the new guide should be able to prevent iPhone users from accidentally subscribing to apps, that have been giving problem to users with Touch ID iPhone

It has been reported that iPhone users usually get a pop-up message asking them to subscribe, once they place their finger on the home button to exit the app, Touch ID instead authorizes it and signs them up for the subscription.

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