Atleast Three people killed In helicopter accident near Mount Everest Today

3 people have been reportedly dead in an accident that involves a small plane and two helicopters. It was reported that the small plane veered off it runway to hit the two helicopters while taking off in Lukla airport, near Mount Everest, today.

Ukrido, learnt that Lukla airport is one of the most difficult airport in the world fro landings and take-offs.

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While soaking to AFP, one Ema Nath Adhikari, an airport official, said;

“A co-pilot of the turbo-prop Let-410 plane run by Summit Air bound for Kathmandu and a police officer on the ground were killed on the spot.”

He added;

“The plane slipped towards the helipad during take-off and collided with two helicopters. The injured have been sent to Kathmandu for treatment. We are not sure about the cause of the accident”

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