Breaking: Wrestler Silver King Dead at 51, Dies in Ring After Suffering Heart Attack On Saturday Night

It was a shocking moment when former WCW wrestler Silver King, died last night in the ring. Silver, who also starred in the 2006 comedy “Nacho Libre” with Jack Black, reportedly died of heart attack when he was playing his tried-and-true role of villain in London at the Roundhouse.

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From the video he was seen been knocked down thrice, he smuggled and latter took a kick to the chest, which dropped him to the ground and later it was realized that he couldn’t get up again.

The Mexican wrestler, whose real name is Cesar Barron, died at 51 leaving behind his family

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A statement from WWE said, “WWE extends its deepest condolences to Silver King’s family, friends and fans.”

May his soul rest in peace

Watch how Silver King died in the ring






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