Qualities Men want from women for a Long Term Relationship

It is no more rumoring that so many women out there are still single as a result of the bad qualities they embody. Men crave for certain qualities from women so to settle down with for a long term relationship which could possibly lead to marriage. Here we are going to enlighten you of these qualities.

Intelligence: A man is more relaxed when he is with an intelligent lady because he believes he could be corrected when ever he is lost. Apart from that, he believes his investment will be saved with the mental support of an intelligent woman.

Loyalty: I know it is difficult to be intelligent and at the same time loyal to a man. This is the major reason why most educated ladies out there can’t settle down with a man. The truth is “No matter how educated you may be in life, you have to be more diplomatic in submitting yourself to a man”. With this, you make him feel more like the boss of the house.

Dependability:  A good woman has to be submissive, faithful and trustworthy before she could settle with a good man. A man has to be certain of his peace of mind before considering any woman into his home. As a woman, if you want a man who can be committed to you, you must portray a good quality to attract one.

Self Control: Men want a woman who can accommodate excesses at home. One who can withstand pressure, dominate them in a more polite manner and still maintain her position as the woman of the house.

A good man desires these qualities so to safeguard his home and heart as well. They are great qualities a woman who wishes to settle down must keep.

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