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Ogbonna Kanu dumps Ebube as he settled to marry Laura Ikeji

Ebube is a popular actress in the Nollywood, she is mostly known for her controversial curves and sexy looks when ever she is on sets. She started her career as a gospel musician before join the Nollywood to become what she is now. Years back, Miss Ebube found love[…] in the arms of Ogbonna Kanu, the younger brother to former super eagles striker, Nwankwo Kanu.

Ogbonna, who is also a footballer in England, had some issues with his British wife which led to a divorce. His wife sued him to court and accused him of infidelity in 2013. But before then, it was learnt that Miss Ebube was in a serious romance with Ogbonna within the period of 2007 to 2008, but Ogbonna Kanu, decided to dump her citing his reason to her wayward lifestyle. Gush!

Miss Ebube at the other side, denied ever been dumped by Ogbonna, as she was quoted in an interview:

“He did not dump me. We had a mutual agreement. Nobody dumped the other. The relationship did not survive. We were dating; we had a relationship. But ours was just like any other relationship. However, the press did not give us any moment of rest. They married us and divorced us on the pages of newspapers and magazines. People kept writing things that were both true and untrue about the relationship in the newspapers.”

When asked whom to blame, she said:

“Oh yes, I blame journalists. They kept writing about us. Everything about me became news to them. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being a star. It was just too much. Anyway, I have learnt my lessons.”
Thereafter she was asked if she was jealous the lady Ogbonna had after her in 2008 and she responded:

“Why should I be jealous of her? I was the one that allowed her to be there in the first place. Please, there is no need for me to be envious of any babe in his life. I have moved on. It was not as if I was flaunting my relationship with Ogbonna. We were just like every other couple. But as it is now, nobody is going to know anything about my private life again.”

Now after all the encounter with women, Ogbonna, finally decided on Friday evening to settle down with his long standing missing rip. The young man found love in the arms of Laura Ikeji, a celebrity blogger and the kid sister to Linda Ikeji. The two love birds are nowlooking forward to announce the date of their wedding.

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