Olumba Olumba Obu’ s prophecy concerning Buhari

Olumba Olumba Obu’s prophecy concerning Buhari. In his prophecy, the spiritual head of Brotherhood said that Mr. Buhari will overcome the current recession paralysing the economy of Nigeria.

According to him:

“If there is love there will be no recession; recession is a result of mismanagement of Nigeria’s resources by the leaders.”

“Nigeria has abundant resources as a nation, but because leaders lack love with one another, they squander the collective wealth of the people.”

“President Buhari will succeed in ending recession, if he continues with his current programs, including the fight against corruption among others.’’

Olumba Olumba Obu prophecy concerning Buhari, brings about hope to Nigeria.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a church known for their consistency in preaching “Love” to their members and the general public. With their headquarter in Calabar,  they promote Christianity by preaching more of love so to relieve suffering,  poverty and also take care of the needy.

They often dress in white gown and walk barefooted to church so to practice holiness in the house of God. Though most Christians kick against it but in  Brotherhood the Cross and Star, they believe it’s the most appropriate way to serve God.

With followers over a million in Africa,  Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has been able to spread to other parts of the world. More members are found in European countries, especially in the UK.

In Brotherhood the Cross and Star, there are young men and women believed to be virgins, who have choose to dedicate themselves to the work of God.

The Spiritual Leader and founder often assemble them to educate them with the word of God because he believes the virgins will have the capacity to promote the word of God without sin attached to their activities.

The founder has a son and a daughter working with him so to make sure that the word of God will get to as much places in the world.





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