How to Keep a Healthy Vagina

How to keep a healthy vagina should be of great concern to women.It is embarrassing to have foul odor emanating out of your vagina.

This calls for a great concern as most women consider it as noting to worry about. It is necessary to worry about the state of your vagina especially when you are in a relationship. Ukridosblog, will guide you on steps to take so to avert this unbearable experience.

Diet for healthy vagina.How to Keep a Healthy Vagina
Diet for healthy vagina

Eat Healthy Diet: Diet can also determine the condition within the vagina. You will have to take good diet and drink a lot of water. If you want to protect yourself from infection, it is advisable to drink yogurt and spice up your meal with garlic.

Maintain a Normal pH of your vagina: While seeking for better remedies to eradicate your vaginal odor through the use of feminine wash and deodorant. It is advisable to consider the pH of your vagina. Make sure the acidic content along with beneficial bacteria within the vagina are not distorted so to avoid further issues.

Therefore, to maintain the pH of your vagina, it is advisable to consult a doctor and avoid taking strong antibiotics as these drugs could also affect the pH of your vagina.

Consider a good Vaginal Hygiene: It is necessary to consider a good vaginal hygiene and practice them. Cultivate the habit of watching the vagina consistently most especially first thing in the morning and last thing before bed rest at night and also use clean underwear daily to avoid infection

Practice safe Intercourse: Most vaginal odor could be attributed to sexually transmitted diseases, so therefore it is imperative to protect yourself during intercourse.