Gay Muslim Groom Receives acid attack threats After Wedding in the UK

Gay Muslim Groom receives acid attack threats After Wedding in the UK. Choudhury, revealed that he received death threats Online, as many have threatened to bath his face with acid after his wedding as a Muslim Gay.

In an interview with Victoria Derbyshire Show, he said he has been receiving threats online and abuses on the streets.

He also revealed that some people have been sending messages of support and would continue to share their story.

In the interview, Mr Choudhury said;

“The worst [messages] say ‘the next time I see you in the streets, I’m going to throw acid in your face’.

“Even if I walk down the streets, I have people spitting on me and calling me pig and all the nasty stuff. I just keep walking.”

In the other hand, the couple claimed they have been encouraged by messages from most people.

Choudhury also talked about the implication of being gay in Islam and how he intend to go about it. According to him, he said;

“I’ve been brought up Muslim and the Koran mentions you cannot be gay and Muslim. But this is how I have chosen to live my life. I will never get rid of my faith.”

Mr. Choudhury is planning to reach out to many under same situation. He intend to do this through YouTube.