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Securities give strong reason why they will not send Evans to prison

Securities give strong reason why they will not send Evans to prison. Ukridosblog, learnt that the Nigeria police have a strong believe that the notorious kidnapper Evans, could escape if he is kept in the prison.

We also gathered that the Nigeria police are yet to trace all the money and properties, Evans had mischievously stolen and acquired from people for that past 20 years and with such vast amount of money, the notorious kidnapper could pay his way for a VIP treatment while in prison, thereby having access to his phones where he could reconnect with his people to come for him.

On this note, the Nigerian police are operating with a court order to detain the Notorious kidnapper for the three months before his trials.

A source from the security said;

“High-profile criminals enjoy VIP treatments in prison custody because they have money. We have learned that these suspects usually pay the warders to be detained in cells that are classified as VIP, and they would have access to their phones as well as the internet.

“These suspects don’t usually feel like they are in prison custody because they enjoy unlimited access to visitors anytime.

“Since his money has not been recovered completely because we had information that he has hotels in Ghana and South Africa, it will be wrong to send him to prison. He is also said to have auto spare parts outlets in Ghana and some other Africa countries. People working for him are numerous and the Police are yet to arrest all of them. If he is remanded in prison with these assets unrecovered, Evans could rule any prison. Evans, can be in prison and easily recruit men outside, radicalise them, buy them arms and send them out for operations. Evans can organise a jailbreak

“Evans could enjoy the security of the prison and unleash terror on the society. We have seen a lot of criminals like him and they have done same

“We have had several cases like that in the past. We had the case of Henry Chibueze, alias Vampire, who kidnapped and killed several persons and was arrested in 2015 by the Department of State Security Service, DSS. While in prison, Vampire sponsored several groups, who carried out kidnappings on his behalf. Having raised enough money he staged an escape from the prison while he was being taken to court. Luckily for us, he was gunned down, a few weeks after his escape.

The source also talked about a similar case in Abuja and Rivers State and according to him, he said;

“When members of the syndicate were arrested, they confessed that their leader was serving in Kuje Prison. One of the cases in Port Harcourt saw a detainee operating a massive kidnap gang. The kidnapper had organized several kidnappings before members of his gang were apprehended and he was exposed.”


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