Court in Israel Shuts Down Strip Club in Landmark Ruling

Court in Israel Shuts Down Strip Club in Landmark Ruling. The ruling which took place on Monday, stated that “Stripping can in no way be considered entertainment.”

Though the club was operating in Tel Aviv suburb, close to diamond exchange, an area meant for entertainment but the court insist that “striping isn’t entertainment”

The cub has been operating for over 24-years and the decision by the court might be extended to other striping clubs in Israel.

Judge Michal Agmon Gonen, in her ruling, stated that;

“While local planning laws allow for clubs and other places of entertainment to operate in the Diamond Exchange area, this does not include strip venues.

“S3xual entertainment must not be with the confused objectification of women for the sake of s3xual arousal, which is not entertainment at all,” she said.
She further said;

“S3x shows objectify and demean women, and are an affront to their dignity.

“The sheer fact that the law requires the s3x business to be regulated does not attest that the law justifies such practices”