I Want Outside Arrest So I Can Feed My Kids-DMX

I Want Outside Arrest So I Can Feed My Kids-DMX.
Ukridosblog, learnt that DMX is finding difficulties in feeding his family and for this reason he is asking a judge to let him go out so he can keep up to his responsibility over his family.

DMX, whom through his lawyer, Murray Richman, wrote a letter to the Federal Judge in New York, seeking permission for him to be allowed to visit Los Angeles, Vegas, Atlanta and Philly for August and September gigs…

According to TMZ, the request for Atlanta visit got turnned down by the judge because the request was unable to get to the judge on time. As for the rest requests, the singer’s probation officer want the judge to disapprove them because of the fear of interfering with DMX’s drug program.

The singer’s lawyer Murray, revealed that DMX has 15 kids to feed, that’s why he is negotiating to have him travel to those places so he can get some money to feed them.




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