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Neymar Finally Reveals Why He Left Barcelona

Neymar Finally Reveals Why He Left Barcelona. Speaking during an interview with the Sun, Neymar said;

“One of my biggest reasons for joining PSG was to help the club write history,” he told the Sun.

“The Champions League is not the only trophy we want to win — but it is a very important trophy.

“The aim this season is to try and win it — that is the level the club are now at. I do believe we are capable of winning the tournament.

“Not only do we have the quality but we have the experience — the players who know what it takes to win the Champions League.

“I have won the tournament, Dani Alves has won it three times, Thiago Motta has won it at Barcelona and Inter, Angel Di Maria has won it with Real Madrid. We not only have quality but real experience.”

When asked if the transfer fee had anything to do with his move to PSG, he said;

“Transfer fees have nothing to do with the players. All we are interested in is playing for clubs where it will be a great challenge and where we can be successful.

“The business of the transfer fee is between the two clubs — players just want to concentrate on the football.”


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