Tagbo’s Death-More Facts Emerges, Davido in Deep Trouble

Tagbo’s Death-More Facts Emerges, Davido in Deep Trouble. Since the death of one of Davido’s friend Tagbo, things have been ups and down with the singer as the family of the deceased are bent on finding the truth behind their son’s death.

At first Caroline had called Davido out on social media asking him to give account of what killed Tagbo, the issue attracted the attention of Lagos state commissioner of police who invited Mrs. Caroline and Davido for interrogation. During the interrogation, Davido was able to present a CCTV footage of what happen that night.

Shortly after Davido’s evidence, more fact began to emerge linking the singer to the death of his friend, Tagbo.

According to our source, immediately Davido turn in for interrogation, his manager Asa Asika and his workers were arrested and taken away for interrogation at Area A Command at Bariga.

According to an eyewitness, Davido and his friends, started a drinking competition, where the singer Davido placed a price of N200, 000 and Iphone 8 for the winner.

Tagbo, Being a fast guy, took it upon himself to win the competition but unknowingly to him he was heading to his end.

The witness further revealed that Davido was the brain behind the drinking competition.

“After he passed out, I think…I don’t know what happened…the CCTV showed that Davido was asking him to come into his car but I think Tagbo didn’t want to enter into Davido’s car, then they forced him into his own car…then there was this blackout.

“Now they don’t want to tell us how he got to the hospital.

“That is the question. How did he get to the hospital?

“Because the police met his car and his body in the hospital with no one”

The witness added that;

“Davido has a serious case hanging on his neck as many people saw him while ordering his workers to bundle the deceased in his car.”

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