Female Soldier Becomes an Army Officer After Passing Through Hell

Female Soldier Becomes an Army Officer After Passing Through Hell. A young Nigerian Army Officer recognised as Blessed Amaka Onyiagha, shared pictures of how she survived while passing through training to become a soldier

Amaka, who has successfully passed through training at The Nigerian Army Depot in Zaria, to become a soldier has shared photos of her experience and she wrote;

“I am a proud PERSONNEL
They Have University, We Have Training College.
They Have Vice Chancellor, We Have Commandant.
They Have Lecturers, We Have Instructors.
Their Day Starts by 0700hrs, but Ours by 0400hrs.
They Wake up 0600hrs, We Jump up 0300hrs.
They Shake Hands, We Salute.
They Wear Gucci, We Wear Carmo/Khaki.
They Keep Their Hairs, We Cut Off Our Hairs.
They Wake Up, We Jump Up.
They walk, We Double In Divisions.
They Have Students, We Have Cadets/Recruits.
They Have Dining Halls, We Have Mess.
They Go On Break, We Go On Pass.
They Have Conference Hall, We Have Parade Ground.
To Them Nigeria Flag Stays up For 24/7, To Us We Have Colour And Sunset.
They Have Graduation Party, We Have Passing Out Parade.
To Them Injury Is For One And One Only Whilst To Us Injury For One Injury For All.
They Get Short Term Light Drills Only In Their NYSC, Whilst Rigorous Drills Is Our Everyday Blood Tonic.
They Are School Colleagues, We Are Brothers.
They Have Civilian Blood, We Have MILITARY Blood.
They Demand For Respect, We Command Respect.
I took this job knowing I may never get rich,
I’ve missed out so many holidays, church services and special occasions in order to protect lives,
I’m expected to work miracles and do things other people are scared to do and even save lives.
It has been proven that my life expectancy is shorter than yours because of the stress I go through and the sickness I get exposed to, and yet there are no hero movies about us.
I must give my life everyday for people I dont know, have never met before and even those who dont like me.
When my family is home suffering alone I’m out here in the cold, dangerous situations all in the name of protecting property and saving life.
I am a warrior who gave oath to die for my people!
A proud one for that matter
God Bless 16NA/75RI.”

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