300-level Student in Jigawa Kills Pregnant Girlfriend for Failing to do his Commands

A 300-level student in Jigawa State College of Legal Studies, identified as Ringim Ismail, has killed his pregnant girlfriend simply because she refused to adhered to his commands.

According to reports online, After his arrest, Mr. Ismail, confessed to slitting the throat of his alleged girlfriend for refusing to terminate a pregnancy she had for him out of wedlock.

The deceased, who is identified as Salamatu Garba, 22 years of age, was killed on Saturday

While speaking to journalist on Tuesday from his police cell, Mr. Ismail claimed he was in a relationship with the late Salamatu, for over eight years with a view to consummating the relationship into a marriage.

Ismail confessed that they tried aborting the pregnancy when it was three-month-old, but was unable, on trying the second time two months later, Salamatu refused, despite his pressure on the deceased.

On this note, Ismail, revealed he had to eliminate Salamatu and anything that had to do with her and the pregnancy.

Ismail in his statement, said;

“I took her to the outskirt of the town at around 9 p.m. on a motorcycle that I borrowed from a friend. I snuffed life out her after I slit her throat with a jack knife. She was four months pregnant for me and I decided to kill her for refusing to agree to an abortion.”

When asked if he killed her alone or with friends, he said;

“I killed her alone, none of my friends followed me.”

While speaking on the matter, a Police spokesperson in Jigawa State, Abdu Jinjiri, said the suspect will be charged to court to face the wrath of the law for his actions.

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