See What Court Did to A Pastor Caught with Drugs and Gun

A pastor identified as Cedric Mainor, of New Beginnings International Outreach Ministry in Georgia, who was caught of drug and gun trafficking, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Cedric, was accused of trafficking drugs and stolen guns out of his home.

Reports from the US has it that he was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine and being a felon possessing a firearm. He was sentenced by United States District Judge, Lisa Godbey Wood on Friday.

Office of the U.S. Attorney revealed that Cedric, was in too deep in a major drug trafficking organization and kept the drugs at his home. When authorities raided his home, they found 20 guns, AR magazines, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. That includes an assault weapon near his church robe and a loaded semi-automatic gun next to his bible.

It was further revealed by the authorities that most of the weapons were stolen. Police also learned that Mainor even had his son working for him until he was shot and killed back in September.

This isn’t the preacher’s first conviction. He had previously been convicted of six prior felonies.

Mainor is currently in holding at Chatham County Detention Center while he waits to be transported to federal prison.

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