Loan Apps in Nigeria – Reliable and Fast Way to Get Money Without Collateral

Loan Apps in Nigeria – Reliable and Fast Way to Get Money Without Collateral. In Nigeria these days, so many business ideas have been made, especially from the young ones but the financial support to back up these ideas turns out to be a huge challenge to them as they barely know where and how to access loans in Nigerian. If you are one of those category, we assure you, that you are at the right place as we are going to introduce you to the best loan app in Nigeria to get your quick loan from, even without collateral.

Paylater :This is one of the loan app in Nigeria to get quick fund without collateral. They provide it’s customers with short-term loans especially individuals with small-scale businesses.To enable their customers access their various packages, they have made provision for a website and app where customers could visit to view their offers. The interesting thing about their offer is that, an individual can access a loan close to a Million naira even without a collateral.

Wow! Does their offer looks like what you have been looking for? Then what are you waiting for?

You will start by going to Google Play Store on your Android Phone or Apple Store For Iphones and download Paylater app, then from there, you can begin to apply for their services.

Think of any charges during your application?

Don’t worry as the service is free and Paylater goes as far as securing your personal data, used during your application. Another beautiful thing about this loan app is that you can access your fund just within 5 minutes should application be approved.

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2. QuickCheck Source: This is another loan app in Nigeria to get your quick fund without collateral. Though not much is given but and individual can access his fund which will not be more that Thirty Thousand naira and it will cover a period of 30days without collateral.

Think of any charges during your application?

Don’t worry as the service is free. The app can be downloaded from Google Play store for android users. When you apply for a loan with Quick Check, you should be expecting fit-back before 24hours. The app is designed in a way that it can create a system of multiple bank accounts and design deposit access cards.

3. KiaKia: Here we will enlighten you in another loan app in Nigeria to get your quick fund without collateral. Their offer is quite impressive as they offer up to Five Million naira as loan but you will have to pay back in six months that’s if you are a regular customer and with one month for new customers.

Think of any charges during your application?

No! The service is free.

4. SnapCredit: This is another amazing app to access online loan in Nigeria, It doesn’t really take much of your time as you could get your fund within minutes after your application. The impressive thing about SnapCredit, is that you won’t have to stress yourself in visiting the bank to pay back the loan as provisions have been made to deduct their percentage from your salary every months. This actually means that you must be a working class or into business before you can access the loan.

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5. CreditVille: With CreditVille, you can access loan close to Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only and you are expected to pay back within 12 months. It is one of the amazing loan app in Nigeria for individuals and those into small-scale businesses.

6. LiDYA: This is another lending platform in Nigeria that gives out loan to individuals with both small and medium scale businesses.

With LiDYA, you can access a loan ranging from $500 and $15,000. Yes! It is possible, therefore, all you need do is to visit their website at , to process your load.

7. GROFIN: This is a loan servicing company that do not cover Nigeria alone but Africa as a whole and Middle East. They give out Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) finance/business loans to individuals.

At GROFIN, you can have the privilege to secure a loan ranging from US$100,000 and US$1.5 million. Now! Do you have a business you think could require such amount to get to your dream height in business? Visit to actualized your dream.

8. ONE-FI: At ONE-FI, loans are given to small-scale business owners especially the traders and farmers who need loan to grow their businesses.

ONE-FI, can offer you a loan up to Two Hundred Thousand Naira with a period of 3-6months to pay back.

9. C24: Still thinking of more loan apps to access in Nigeria? Why not try C24, it is one of the online loan app in Nigeria, were you can access loan quickly with less stress.

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You think you can give a try? Kindly to begin your application.

9. ZEDVANCE: This is another amazing app for online loans in Nigeria. The company offers loans strictly to salaries earners. Little considerations may be given to those without salary but must have a business on ground to start with.

At Zedvance, you can access close to Three Million Naira and have it processed within 24 hours. If you are interested in borrowing from Zedvance, all you need in to visit their website to begin with your application.

10. SMEDAN: This is another good app to access loans online in Nigeria. The company is not working alone as they receive support from the government to issue out loans to individuals with SME businesses. Their intention is to encourage young entrepreneurs by providing capitals to them to start-up their own businesses. In addition to giving out loans, the organization also train Nigerians with different skill, then back them up with capital to start-up their businesses. Should you have any interest, you can visit them online to begin your application.

Loan app are very important to work with especially when you have good business ideas but do not know how to go about sourcing for funds. Working with the above loan app, you should be able to succeed in your business.


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