Basic Reasons Why You Should Have A Boyfriend

Basic Reasons Why you should have a boyfriend. Single lifestyle is not easy to live especially when you find yourself in an environment where people walk and live in pairs.

At a point you could feel uncomfortable when you hang-out with your colleagues at a gathering where they all came around with their partners. Having a boyfriend is a sure way to live a more orderly life-style because of the benefits involve. In this article, Ukridosblog will guide you on the various benefits you stand to get should you find yourself a good boyfriend today.

1. Boredom: Single lifestyle as a lady could lead you to a lot of mischief when ever you are bored. You could see yourself gradually indulging in lesbianism or seeking unnecessary attention from men on social media. Boredom could lead you into having an intimate moment with someone you list expected in you life, it could be your neighbour or an under-age man or even a child. With such, if you are caught, your image and integrity could be destroyed.

It is no more rumour that a lot of young girls in campuses now resort to having under-age guys around just to warm their bed, they even go ahead to pay their bills giving them money for up-keeps. Wow! Right? Yes, these girls have automatically become sugar mummies to under-age guys around them.

This action goes as far as reducing your quality as a woman and you would never have what it takes to hang out with this boys at public functions nor even introduced them to your male friends. You may wake one day to ask yourself “ how did I get here? “,Boredom caused it all, that’s the more reason you need a boyfriend you can count on and be proud of when you find yourself in such situation.

2. Confidant : At a point in your life, you will need someone to share your top secrets with and trust me, neither your family nor friends will be in a better position for such secret than your boyfriend. Do you know why? Now let’s break it down for you! A time in life will come when you will have to leave your family and friends to be with your boyfriend in a matrimonial home where he becomes your husband and remember, your confidant should be some one more close to you so that your secret won’t be spread afar.

Now in this case, you don’t just need a boyfriend, you need a confidant who can stand in the place of your family and your friends.

3. Share Responsibility: It will be rather selfish if at a stage in life, you fail to have someone to share your responsibilities with. Now, apart from your family, you will need some trusted dude out there to share your responsibilities with while he reciprocates.

With these qualities, 50 of 100 problems will be solved and life will be made easier for you.

Though most guys will love to take over the whole responsibilities alone, that will still be good for you but to some extent, that’s if you still wish to have a say in the relationship. The choice is yours but we would rather advice you to have your own share of responsibility so you can stand for your right anytime he misbehave.

4. Commitment: With a good boyfriend, you could learn how to be committed to your partner which is a major step in building a good relationship. Building a sound relationship with your boyfriend gives you a pre-knowledge on how to manage your matrimonial home when you finally settle together.

You may not know the dangers awaiting you tomorrow should you fail to learn how to be committed today to a boyfriend. So many married women today have lost the taste of a good home as a result of inability to remain committed to their husband, most of them have lost the heart of their husband to another woman who keeps their husbands away from their matrimonial home. To avoid these mistakes, get a boyfriend and start learning how to be committed to him while he does same.

5. Focus: Most people see romance as a distraction. No! it’s not a distraction because with a good boyfriend, you should be able to remain focus at school or your working place owing to the fact that after a stressful day, you will need someone to check on you, someone to visit you or someone you may even choose to  hang out with and share good moments with after a stressful day. Of course, a good boyfriend should be able to give you all the attention needed to make your day.