Video:Sen. Akpabio Forgives Man Who Accused Him of Killing During his Government

Video:Sen. Akpabio Forgives Man Who Accused Him of Killing During his Government. A young man identified as Mr. Zion, who bases in the US, has been pardoned by Senator Godswill Akpabio, for all the allegations he level against the senator when he was still the minority leader of the Senate under the platform of PDP.

Some months ago, Mr. Zion, took to Facebook to post names of those he alleged were killed and kidnapped during Senator Akpabio’s tenure as governor of Akwa Ibom State.

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The young man who became famous on Facebook due to his incessant attack on the former governor and current senator, suddenly took his followers by surprise when he began to shower praises on the senator shortly after he defected to APC.

According to the young man, he said he accused and insulted senator Akpabio, then because he wanted to frustrate the senator and his his then support for governor Udom, so to make way for his man, Mr. Nsima Ekere to become governor come 2019.

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The distinguished senator Akpabio, in his statement said he has forgiven him and welcomes him back just the same way the prodigal son was welcomed back by his father. The senator added that it could be that he did all he did against him out of ignorance and frustration, saying that he is not actually what the young man accused him of. The distinguished senator also said that all politicians from the house of assembly to the senate are all his product including the state governor,  Udom Emmanuel.

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The event which took place at Senator Akpabio’s resident, had the attendance of many loyalist to the senator.

Watch the video below

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