Mike Tyson – ‘I Smoked Weed Right Before I Smoked Golota’

Mike Tyson – ‘I Smoked Weed Right Before I Smoked Golota’ . US boxing legend Mike Tyson, has admitted that he smoked weed hours before his encounter with Andrew Golota in the year 2000.

Mike Tyson, who visited “The Dan Patrick Show” to discuss his pot business, was confronted with a question on how long he had been using cannabis. The legend in his response, said;

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“All my life basically,” this was before he admitted that he was high before the “Showdown in Motown.”

The legend, revealed that he took some dope before his fight with Golota. After the fight, Patrick, asked him if the weed had any side effect on him but Tyson replied and said;

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“It didn’t affect me. It affected Golota.”

Mike Tyson, though succeeded in beating Golota, but got himself into trouble after the fight as he was tasted positive to marijuana and was also fined $200,000.

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