Enlargement Gone Wrong: 82-year-Old Zambian Paralyzed, Took Manhood Enlargement Drug to Satisfy His 35-year-Old Wife

An 82-year-old man in Zambia, has gotten himself into trouble as he goes paralyzed after attempting to enlarge his manhood so to be able to satisfy his 35-year-old wife.

The old man identified as Gibson Banda, lives in Lusaka, is now in a condition that he can’t move other than drag himself in a sitting position with the help of his hands.

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According to online information, the 82-year-old man was craving to satisfy his wife who has Been complaining that his joystick was small, he was then given a medicine, which he took overdose and got his joystick 5 times bigger than what it use to be. Shortly after the incident, it was reported that the wife had to run away living him in his condition.

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