“The biggest money mistake I ever made was money spent on my wedding”- Ubi Franklin Reveals

Famous Music executive, Ubi Franklin, in an interview, reveals that the biggest money mistake he ever made was the money he threw into having a huge wedding celebration.

While responding to some question as a guess on a TV show for BusinessDay recently, said;

”I think the biggest money mistake for me was the money for my wedding. That was the biggest money mistake because a few guys that had experience at the time told me to just do something small and then go home. When I see people do big scale wedding, I laugh because it’s a party, it is just for a day and when that day is done, it’s done. Yes they say memories but you see, you can create memories without spending billions. So I think that is one of the biggest money mistake I have made’. If I had known, I would have done something smaller, classier than what I did because I did like almost three months of different events ‘

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The business man also revealed he has made over N10 billion in the last 7 years. He said;

”From 2012 till now, I have made over 10 billion but didn’t keep it because I didn’t have financial discipline to know that I could invest that money in something else that could generate money”.

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