22-year-old Man breaks into Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth was sleeping

A suspected intruder, reportedly broke into the palace of Queen Elizabeth in the early hours of the morning at about 2:00am. Ukrido, learnt the young man was able to find his way to a spot, some meters away from the Queen’s room, where she was still sleeping.

After been caught, the police took four minutes to check the intruder so to know if he was with weapons.

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A source from the Palace, during an interview with The Sun, said;

“This intruder got into the Palace almost 37 years to the day since Michael Fagan ended up getting inside the Queen’s bedroom.

“There is a genuine theory and very real fear that he could have been launching a copycat operation.

“How is it possible all these years later that someone can climb the fence and get right inside the grounds without being stopped immediately?

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“What about heat censors and CCTV? The Queen’s safety should be paramount.”


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