Lady Exposes Married Pharmacist Who Deceived her with Marriage Proposal

A lady, identified as Louisa Louis Michael, has come out to expose one Mr. Eno Obong Okon, who claimed to be a pharmacist, for talking her into marriage but unknowingly to her that he was already married with kids.

She also revealed that the pharmacist also went about deceiving other girls in Akwa Ibom, promising them marriage.

According to Louisa Louis Michael, she had wanted exposing her first but she decided to hold her peace but surprisingly, another lady took to Facebook to expose Mr. Eno Obong Okon, by posting pictures of the man and his family.

Louis, who could not hold her anger anymore, decided to join hands with the other lady to expose the pharmacist as she wrote;

This is a public announcement, dear men who want to be shameless, it’s time to pocket your nonsenses.
I have been silent since yesterday even though this has been boiling inside of me.

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Women go through a lot already, rape, deceit and all that u could think of, but unfortunately they are always blamed for crimes they did not commit. That nonsense has to stop from henceforth, you men cannot always blame women for your inconsistencies. And this trend of deceit amongst you guys has got to stop.
Dating a girl and dumping her is painful enough, but deceiving a girl about ur marital status is crime.
These things happen everytime, but I’m surprised that even after the poor girl came out to share her truth, some idiots still rallied around the stupid young man.

Some days back I made a post about a pharmacist who lied to me about being single, I clearly mentioned him saying that he has a son but he’s single. I wanted to tag him to the post but held myself, just yesterday, a young lady who saw his pictures somewhere came out to say her truth. This idiot promised to marry her, took wine to her house without her consent and went ahead to fix a date for their engagement.
The same idiot that told me he wanted to marry me the very first day he set his eyes on me.
This young man with a beautiful wife, he told these girls terrible things about his wife, told them he’s divorced, though he told me he’s single and today he has the boldness to come on Facebook to write nonsense.

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Pharm Eno Obong Okon I’m told you are a fake pharmacist, this is me calling you out for lying against a girl you deceived, should u not shut up and apologise to those two ladies for misleading them, in saner climes don’t you know you could be jailed?
I will be their voice, I will shout and scream for them.
You are are so mad to say such evil about your wife, look at the beautiful lady u went about disgracing, saying all manner of evil about.

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And for those of u who wear deceit like a clothe, do not worry, your days are coming. No more victim shaming, u can’t hurt women and turn around to shame them.
If u are married and want to date a lady, go ahead and tell her your status, let it be her decision whether or not to accept you.

Below are some screenshots of the conversations we had yesterdayπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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