Tinubu and Akande’s Visit Shows Buhari is Still Alive

Tinubu and Akande’s visit shows Buhari is still alive. The two APC chieftains visited Mr. President today in London and took some photos with him.

President Buhari took to his twitter handle to post the pictures of the meeting they had.

 Tinubu and Akande meet with Buhari in London. Tinubu and Akande's Visit Shows Buhari is Still Alive
Tinubu and Akande meet with Buhari in London

Nigerians have expressed worries concerning the state of the country’s economy in the absence of President Buhari in the country.

On 6th of February,  Most Nigerians embarked on a nationwide protest against the bad governance of President Buhari.

Mr. President in  his response to the nationwide protest, expressed his worries over the current state of food security in the country. President Buhari made this know when he spoke with the number 4 citizen of Nigeria, The Speaker House of Representatives,  Hon. Dogara.

President Buhari also spoke with the President,  Nigerians Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki on the state of his health.

Since President Buhari departed to London for his vacation,  the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has been in charge of the country’s affairs. It is expected that President Buhari will be returning to the country this Saturday 11th February, 2017.



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One thought on “Tinubu and Akande’s Visit Shows Buhari is Still Alive

  • February 12, 2017 at 9:40 am

    My Advice to 2019 Aspirants

    Is too early to talk of ur ambition, Is a year after the court cases, governance just began. I suggest you should allow the government to concentrate on delivering their assignment rather than luring them to join 2019 campaign. This is a major distraction to the system, I advice political office holder’s to put more effort in their primary assignment rather than joining this set of distractions for 2019 election . Investment should be in governance not 2019 campaign yet, is too early.

    You that is outside the corridor of power that is making noise against 2019,you better keep quiet because is too early. Remember times are hard, they are set of political scavenger waiting for u to say I will contest so that they will declear their support for you. My brother my sister, when they declear their support for you from now, before 2019 you will tire of their support because from this moment onward you might sponsor all every of their bills, ceremonies even pay dowry for many. This means they will declear as farm(inwang) that they will cultivate until party decides.
    I will advise my people to be wise, there is no money in Nigeria, we are experiencing a hard time and this will be the first time Nigeria will ever conduct election under harsh and hard economy. We will judge everyone especially those in power by the capacity of their campaign and I know supporters are not cheap at all even though you give 10k per unit across the state.

    Prince Ime Ukpong, is a political adviser, strategist and consultant. A Microphone entrepreneur, making life out of death event.

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