Makarfi exposes those behind Buhari’s death rumour

Makarfi exposes those behind Buhari’s death rumour and also alleged that they want him death so to have a free platform to contest for 2019 Presidential election.

Senator Makarfi exposes those behind Buhari’s death rumour by accusing some leaders of APC to be the brain behind the rumour death of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Makarfi:

“The APC should point its searchlight inward and investigate itself as to the source of the rumour. PDP has nothing to gain from anything; those who are peddling the rumour know themselves and they are in APC.

“Some of them are already positioning themselves for power in 2019. APC should investigate itself.”

Senator Makarfi further advised the people of Southern Kaduna to stay away from creating political crisis in the area.

Members of the ruling party APC are yet to respond to the Senator’s claim.

Just some days back, rumour of the death of President Muhammadu Buhari went viral on the internet claiming that the President died in a hospital in London.



On Thursday,  President Muhammadu Buhari left to London in United Kingdom for a vacation shortly after writing to the National Assembly that he will be living for holidays and will hand over the affairs of government to his Vice President Osinbajo so he could handle the affaires of the country while he is away.

Shortly after his arrival to London, an unknown publication took to the Internet to spread information about President Buhari’s death. Immediately after, the Presidency responded by countering the rumour.

Most of the Presidential aids to President Muhammadu Buhari took to their twitter to condemn the rumour and also stated it clearly that the President was alive and hearty.

Days later,  President Buhari had to send a copy of his picture in a sitting room across to the media so to show he is still alive.


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    Their business, what will be will be. God rules in the affairs of Men.

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