Arsene Wenger to Remain in Arsenal for one more year

Arsene Wenger to remain in Arsenal for one more year even after when the club’s supporters protested against him to live the club.

Even at that, Arsene Wenger still went ahead to sign one more year contract with the club which is against the wish of the fans.

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Shortly after the club’s 3-1 defeat against West Bromwich Albion, Asene Wenger open up that he has made a decision regarding his future after holding talks with the Arsenal board and will make it public soon.

Earlier in the season, Arsene Wenger, was given a two year extended contract but Ukridosblog learnt that he has decided to remain for one more year in the club despite the protest by Arsenal fans on Saturday, when banners were risen calling for Arsene Wenger’s exit.

In response to the protest, Arsene Wenger said:

“I know what I will do so you will know very soon.

“Today I do not worry about that. I watch the game, I do not watch the stands.”

Arsenal Management had talks with Juventus coach to take over from Wenger but the Arsenal Boss is reluctant to live after 21 years.

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