Five Ways to Spot a Wrong Guy in a relationship

Five ways to spot a wrong guy in a relationship so to avoid them. Many young girls out there have fallen victim to the wrong hands as a result of nescience regarding how these guys operate.

It takes a lot of doing to identify a real guy when it comes to do with relationship. Some will come with the impression of giving you all the love and affection but by the time you create that enabling environment for them to get what they wanted, you realize a change in attitude within them.

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To avoid this, you have to learn how to spot the wrong guy before he takes advantage of you.

1. Develop a strong Intuition: Ladies are fun of listening to their mind when it comes to do with rating a guy during their first date. That is why they end up falling into the wrong hands. It is okay to have a mental picture of how your man should look like but should you come across this long anticipated guy, never jump into concluding that he is the right one for you rather pay more attention to those uncomfortable feelings in you because that is when your intuition comes in to tell you something about him you never knew.

2. Study his body language: Try to compare his conversation along with his attitude so to see if they both go together because most times a guy could tell you something while the body language interprets it differently. Therefore, always try to pay more attention to his body language so to read his intentions on time.

3. Try to evade comfortless conversation: Make sure you distract him from those discussions you seem not too comfortable with and try to bring his attention back to the subject matter. Make him talk more about himself while you listen.

4. Monitor his phone calls: You could get to detect his level of honesty through his phone conversation with friends. A guy who fails to be honest to his friends through calls can never be honest to you should you give him a chance.

5. Ask him repeated questions in several ways: This trick is always difficult for most people to pass, in the course of paying attention to him, try to repeat questions you had already asked him but in a different way so to know how much he could stick to his words.

These skills can go along way in exposing a guy’s intention towards you. Try to develop them and see how perfect you could use them.