Prison Break Returns after 8 years with Season 5

Prison Break Returns after 8 years with Season 5, so to continue from where they stopped eight years ago.

The news regarding their return brought about jubilation as Prison Break fans where so exited when they got to know their favourite movie is back again just like MMM in Nigeria.

The drama which was aired by fox between 2005 and 2009, covering from season one to four has returned with an incredible season 5.

The fifth season of Prison Break is full of excitement as the American programme returns with new great episode.

Prison Break viewers have took to their verious social media platform to gush about the movies return.

According to one of the viewer:

“@PrisonBreak definitely didn’t disappoint! So much action packed into one episode. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.”

“My heart is so happy prison break is back,” said another, whilst a third added: “I missed you so much prison break! Welcome back.”

Another viewer said: “I’m crying so hard, everything was on point, like I’m shook right now!! #PrisonBreak.”

It was believed that Michel Scofield had died in season four but in the new season, the truth has ravelled out as his brother Burrow, has come to discover that Michael Scofield was still alive but held in a Yemen prison.

Micheal Scofield in Prison. Prison Break Returns after 8 years with Season 5
Micheal Scofield in Prison

Immediately Micheal Scofield got tracked down, the two brothers met face-to-face and it became quite clear Micheal Scofield is hiding something.

Micheal Scofield now bears a false name call “Kaniel Outis”. When Micheal Scofield met his brother Burrow, he claimed not to know him nor even met him before.

Prison Break producer Paul Scheuring, told Hollywood Reporter:
“By the end of the first episode, we really wanted to leave a question mark over the character of Michael.

“Who is he? What has he become? Is it him? If it’s not him, who is this man that looks exactly like him? Also, if it is him, could those seven years have massively changed him?”

Ukridosblog learnt that FOX UK will air the return of Prison Break on Tuesday at 9th.