Cristiano Ronaldo gives Real Madrid condition after Atletico Hat-trick

Cristiano Ronaldo gives Real Madrid condition after Atletico Hat-trick at last night UEFA Champions league encounter which took place in Bernabeu.

In his condition, Cristiano Ronaldo wants Real Madrid fans to put an end to their whistling against him. According to Cristiano Ronaldo;

“I just want them not to whistle me, I’m always going to give everything.
“It was my objective to score, but the team played well from start to finish.
“The goals came naturally and normal to me.”

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Ronaldo also talked about his record of 400 goals for his team Real Madrid, in his statement, he said;

“I’m also happy because I’ve scored my 400th goal for Real Madrid.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, is actually working towards fixing up his relationship with Real Madrid’s fans whom had given up hopes on him.

Ukridosblog learnt that Cristiano Ronaldo has been subjected to whistling by Real Madrid’s fans at times despite his importance and influence in the team. At a point,the fans thought Cristiano Ronaldo has lost his scoring grace but last night, Cristiano Ronaldo, was able to silence Real Madrid’s fans and his critics as he recorded his second hat-trick at the first leg semi-final of the UEFA Champions league this season.

The game saw Atletico Madrid to a 3-0 defeat against Real Madrid. As a matter of fact, it will take Atletico Madrid the grace of God to over-turn this result to their favour in their second leg.