Natural Ways to Boost your Memory as a person

Natural ways to boost your memory as a person involve less effort but all you need do is to practice how to maintain a sharp mindset and be vibrant.

Anything that involves practice supports the brain to convey signals in a particular model over again. This enables the connection between neurons and strengthens, therefore supporting the brain to be strong as well.

They are various ways in which you could boost your memory ranging from daily exercise to eating of good food. In this article, Ukridosblog, will guide you on how to gradually boost your memory in life.

Learn How to minimise Stress by Practicing Meditation: Stress has a way of damaging the brain especially when you have just little or no time for yourself. To overcome this, all you need do is to research on what you could possibly use to reduce the stress, practice it and make it a habit. Most people choose to smoke so to reduce the stress but smoking isn’t good for health as well.

The best way to handle stress is to practice meditation everyday. One of the best ways to do this is through developing a meditation. There are different ways in which you could meditate; you could choose to pray, practice mindfulness meditation, Tai Chi, breath-focused and yoga.

2. Practise a cognitive training exercises: When your brain has the ability to maintain a constant change over a lifetime, this process is call “Plasticity”. it enables the mind to remain sharp. When you consistently practice a cognitive training, Plasticity could be maintained for a long time and it may also contest with your intellectual capacity.

To work with this, you could resort to playing games like Juggling, boardgames, Chess, learning new language, even hand to eye coordination and even combine your sense by listening to music while eating with your eyes closed.

3. Exercise: Exercise plays a major role in augmenting cognitive function especially in enhancing the level of Brain-derived Neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is a kind of protein that augments memories and enhances learning by spiking the growth of new neurons and maintaining them.

To achieve this, you have to practice Tai Chi exercise and Yoga as well. These will enable you maintain a good flow of movement and balance.

4. Learn how to Listen: Paying more attention to conversation helps boost the memory. While carrying out a conversation with one, the neurons are expected to fire while the synapses needs to function. Health issues like stress and brain damage could uttered this communication thereby making listening and learning more complicated.

While paying attention to a conversation, try to maintain a quite mind so to enable the neurons function well.To make this work, do not be in a hast to talk. Wait a little bit, relax and allow the mind to be quiet. Try to listen with your heart. Try to jot down something should you feel it’s necessary to assist gain clarity before you utter any word.

5. Sugar: Excess sugar in the body could endanger the brain by causing poor insulin regultion, inflammation and oxidative stress. Therefore, it is necessary to eat more vegetables, meat, fruits, fish and little nuts.With these diet, insulin sensitive will be increased while they will help you reduce imflammation.

6. Take more Antioxidants: Antioxidant-rich diet can help in augmenting your mental grabs. Now I know must of us might be wondering what they are but don’t too worry for we will list them for you.

Example of Antioxidant-rich foods are; spinach, blueberries, carrots, red grapes, red wine, green tea, dark chocolate as well as coffee.

7. Getting a good Sleep: Depriving yourself a good sleep could call for memory issues especially in the office when you fail to remember where you kept a particular file or document or in the kitchen when you forget to switch of the gas after cooking.

If you think you have not slept well over the night, please do try to find time and get some good sleep so to augment your mental grabs. Most times we find it difficult to sleep at night, especially when we receive a distress phone call in the middle of the night. Under such situation,  it is advisable to take your mind off every thought, remain calm, close your eyes for a while and the sleep will take you off slowly.