Four ways to keep your relationship alive

The taste of a good relationship is not about “how far but how well?” .Most lovers choose to neglect their side of commitment after[….] settling down in a relationship, thinking they have gotten it all and nothing else will be needed to spice up their romance.

With all this thought, you get to realize that sooner or later, your relationship will begin to encounter one or two problems due to failure in keeping the flame burning. At this point, feelings and affections begin to drop, pride comes in and before you know, you both go your separate ways. To keep your relationship alive, you have to practice some qualities. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to manage the situation before it gets out of hands.

Try to introduce positive interaction with your partner: Always try to create positive thought. This quality boosts the confidence in you and gives you hope when ever your spirit is down in a relationship.

Learn to offer support and not solution: Giving solutions to your partner’s problem often discourage their drives toward achieving their own gold. It undermines their potentials thereby giving room to weakness. Rather than giving a solution, choose to offer them the support so they could develop the courage of doing it alone next time.

Embrace conflicts: One thing most couples don’t know about conflict is the joy and lesson it comes with after it’s been resolved. Relationship can’t do without conflict, they both go together. Your ability to resolve conflicts is what keeps you in a relationship.

Give yourself some attention: Spend some time to care for yourself. Make sure you maintain that attraction so to keep your partner from looking elsewhere.

It is necessary to keep the flame burning in a relationship, never think you have gotten all you needed from a relationship then choose to relax. To keep the spark of that romance, you must bring in new ideas and learn to practice it with your partner.

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