UNAIDS reveals that Ghana has just 160,000 women living with HIV

UNAIDS reveals that Ghana has just 160,000 women living with HIV. The record shows that Ghana is among the countries with the highest prevalence rate in West Africa.

According to the 2017 report, titled “When women lead, change happens – women advancing the end of AIDS,” which provides global statistics on the prevalence of HIV among women across the world, said the total number 160,000 women living with HIV in Ghana, covers both women and girls.

The report further revealed that over 18 million women and girls are currently living with HIV round the world.

Ukridosblo, learnt that women 51% of people living with HIV in the world are women, though defers from region to region.

Records have it that in central and Western Africa, the women living with HIV are 60%.

Speaking on the achievements of USAIDS in the region, the outgoing representative of UNAIDS in the country Girmay Haile, said;

“If there is any area that we haven’t succeeded then it is that area of stigmatization and discrimination.

“Even though we have made considerable progress we still haven’t been able to arrest the situation because they are in conflict with the law and the tendency is for them to go underground, so we are unable to reach them to offer these services to get them out of it”.

This is a great record for Ghana.




Source: 3news.com