Nigerian Man Meets His 39-Year-Old Daughter For The First Time

Nigerian Man Meets His 39-Year-Old Daughter For The First Time. Laura Aker, a mother of 3, who spent her entire life in Scotland finally met with her father Andrew Olum Ekpang.

Andrew Olum Ekpang, met with Laura’s mother while he was on training overseas. After making his way into her wilderness and she took in, Adrew, absconded leaving the mother and the unborn child to their faith.

Though Adrew abandoned them for that long, he did dropped a letter, promising them that he will return to them in future.
The journey to find Laura’s father started when Laura’s step brother Ntem, was tailed on Facebook by Nicky Campbell and his team.

On meeting Ntem on Facebook, the young man revealed he had already had knowledge of his step sister Laura and that their father Andrew has been trying to connect with her but couldn’t because of fun.

On arriving the airport with his son Ntem, Andrew said to Nicky;

“I had to [make it] and it is really wonderful and great.”

“I felt terribly happy and thanked my god that my daughter had been looking for me. I have always been thinking about her.

“It’s sad. There are moments I sit round with my children and Laura is not there.”

When Laura finally met with her father, she broke down in tears ad said;

“I just felt a connection straight away. When my dad said he loved me it was everything I hoped for.

“Now I feel not only part of my family in Scotland but also part of my massive family in Nigeria.”

Nigerian Man Meets His 39-Year-Old Daughter For The First Time

One of the witnesses took to twitter to write

” #LongLostFamily wow what a reunion I worry that her dad doesn’t look well I hope they get many times together”




Source- Mirror


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