French Female Musician Barbara Weldens Dies on Stage Mid-Concert

French Female Musician Barbara Weldens Dies on Stage Mid-Concert. Ukridosblog, learnt that the 35-year-old French musician died while performing onstage at a concert on Wednesday night in her native France.

Her sudden death still remain as a shock to many and the cause of her death is still unknown but it’s rumoured to be electrocution as it was learnt that she performed with her barefoot or it could have been Cardiac arrest.

According to La Parisien, there will be an investigation to know the cause of her death. Therefore an autopsy will be performed.

Information by local report in France has it that Barbara, was in a church in the French village of Goudron, where she was performing as part of the Léo Ferré Festival, at a point while performing, she collapsed onstage and paramedics rushed to her aid but could not revive her.

Barbara, was planning to perform across France and Belgium o’er the coming months.

In a statement, the organiser of the Pic D’Or prize said;

“Our team is deeply disturbed by the brutal disappearance of the artist who had appeared on the stage of the Theater des Nouveaux on 20 May, during our last edition,”

The Independent, said;

“She was a radiant woman, talented and full of energy, and of course we are thinking of all her family and her loved ones.”

The 35-year-old singer grew up in circuses, she learnt juggling, acrobatics, and trapeze with her parents. She was also a poet.