Government of Zimbabwe To Stop Sales Of Alcohol During Weekdays

Government of Zimbabwe To Stop Sales Of Alcohol During Weekdays. A new law to stop Zimbabwean from drinking alcohol during weekends is about to be introduced in Zimbabwe.

The new law is programmed to put a stop to the sales of alcohol from Mondays to Fridays, the sales will also be restricted from some hours of the days and to pregnant women as well.

The essence of the law is to  put a stop to drunk-driving and any driver caught with alcoholic concentrated blood beyond 0,08 per 100ml, will be arrested. The law also stated that anyone caught selling alcohol to pregnant women will also be prosecuted.

The policy states that alcohol advertisements should be done at least 100 metres away from a road intersection, school, clinic, hospital, church and old people’s homes.

According to Special Adviser to the President on Health,  he said;

“Policies are there to give guidance to the general populace and various stakeholders. The reduction of alcohol abuse can be done partly through the law but the rest will be through moral suasion,”

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