Sokoto Kingmaker Interrogated as Sultan Abubakar Saad is Implicated in N700million Suspicious Transaction

Sokoto Kingmaker Interrogated as Sultan Abubakar Saad is Implicated in N700million Suspicious Transaction. The empire of the Sultan of Sokoto Abubakar Sa’ad was on fire when the team of Economic and Financial Crime Commission on Wednesday interrogated Kabir Tafida, who is the chief of staff to the Sultan and also the Sarkin Fada of Sokoto.

Mr. Tafida, was interrogated because of the suspicious transfer of N700million into his account by Sokoto state government. Though he was released on administrative bail due to “unceasing pressure on the EFCC by the Sultan and the Sokoto State government”. According to a source, but was asked to report back on Thursday for further interrogation.

Ukridosblog, learnt that the N700million in question was part of the share of Paris club refund given to Sokoto state government recently.

According to EFCC investigators, “Mr. Tafida has also been receiving huge funds from the government of Sokoto on behalf of the Sultan.”

In response to this, a top source from the Sokoto state government said;

“The N700 million traced to the Sarkin Fada is from the government of Sokoto State and is meant for the purchase of a House for the Sultan in Abuja.

“The monarch lacked official residence in the nation’s capital. The matter was discussed extensively at the meeting of the state executive council and due approval granted.

“In fact, the money is captured in the state’s 2017 budget and was officially released.”

But with all the excuses, the operatives of EFCC still insist to know why the said N700million was not paid into the personal account of the Sultan of Sokoto instead to the account of Mr. Tafida.

The investigators further said;

“Also why was the money not paid to an estate agent or a contractor buying or building a house for the Sultan,” one investigator said. “As far as we are concerned, there is something suspicious about this transaction.”

Just as I use to say “ one day bush will catch the hunter”. I rest my case.