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Mad Woman Gave Birth to Bouncing Baby Boy Along Ibom Plaza in Uyo

Mad Woman Gave Birth to Bouncing Baby Boy Along Ibom Plaza in Uyo. A mad woman along Ibom Plaza in Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday.

The incident attracted lots of attentions as women gathered to assist her during delivery.

A Facebook user recognised as Ndifreke, who witness the incident, posted the pictures and wrote;

“Wooow,,, This God is so wonderful.

“I was passing through lbom plaza this afternoon and I saw people gathering, I thought they were discussing politics, and I walked close to the scene, behold it was not political gathering. I asked a young man beside me what is going on and he said that someone gave birth to a child. I walked closer and closer just to see thing with my two eyes, I saw this Bouncing Baby boy and the mother. I starred at the mother of the baby, do you know what surprise me? I discovered that the mother of the baby is one mad woman I always see at the plaza. Wow,,, she gave birth without stress, no pregnancy medical check up. There are some women that go for check up in the best hospitals but yet still it’s very difficult for them to deliver safely. But God have mercy on this rejected soul. I thank all the women that assisted her for the successful delivery, and I pray that God will help that fatherless child take him to a place nobody have ever imagine in Jesus name Amen.
“Please your prayers and supports is needed.”

Isn’t our God great? But the man who did this to this woman tried oooo.

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