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German Engineering Student Develops Mobile Airbag for Falling Phones

German Engineering Student Develops Mobile Airbag for Falling Phones. The young man identified as Philip Frenzel developed a phone case known as “ADcase” which comes with eight spider-like leg which prevents the screen of the phone from hitting the group when falling from a hight.

The newly developed mobile airbag, was able to fetch an award in 2018 from the German Society for Mechatronics.

Frenzel, revealed that his steps to develop the mobile airbag brewed when his iPhone slipped from his jacket pocket to the ground where it got crashed. According to him, he attempted to repair the iPhone but to no avail. The student said that from that experience, he decided to develop something that could protect a falling phone more than the normal cases used out there.

After having a great deal of thought, Frenzel, came up with a special kind of phone case that is build with sensors which could detect when a phone drops from a hight so to deploy a set of retractable legs bound by metal springs in response.

According to Frenzel, he said the “AD,” stands for “Active damping.” The young man added that he looks forward to storm the market soon and that the first set of his products will go for the recent iPhone models — the 6/6 Plus and anything new including the iPhone X.

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