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How My Failed Marriage to Keny Saint brown Ruined My Music Career-Eddy Remedy

Nigerian former music singer Eddy Remedy, has finally revealed how his failed marriage to Keny Saint brown ruined his music career.

While speaking with Sunday Scoop, Eddy said;

“I don’t have any low point apart from my failed marriage. Things were going fine for me until I started having problems with my marriage. It was possible I could have saved it if I had put in more effort but I am also human. Right now, I have grown and I know we all make mistakes as humans. I made my mistakes and she (Kenny Saint Best) must have made hers too. Do you think anyone is perfect?”

He continued;

“For years, I did not put out songs. You would remember that my marriage was in trouble and I broke down emotionally. My doctor didn’t want me to get back to work because of my state of health and mind.

“I lost my marriage and my kids were not with me as well. I had to take a break for my health and my children because different stories were written about me and I didn’t want my kids to grow up with that tension. Even though my music suffered, it was very important for me to take a break at that time.”

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