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NASA Sets To Test Quiet Supersonic Technology Publicly in November

NASA Sets To Test Quiet Supersonic Technology Publicly in November. The test is expected to take place within the coastal region of Galveston, where the F/A 18 Hornet aircraft, during testing is expected to perform dive maneuvers which generates louder sonic booms at sea, while the quieter sonic “thumps” will take place over Galveston city.

According to online reports, after the test, it’s expected that over 500 local volunteers will give comments on what they heard and also audio sensors will present a more accurate noise readings from the series of tests.

NASA team expects that the Hornet tests will measure the sonic boom levels that the residents will be comfortable with.

The step is expected to enable NASA’s X-59 supersonic jet-team to check their noise level theories while the aircraft is still under construction.

The X-59, is not ready to fly yet till 2021 and community over-flights, will begin in 2023.

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