3 Steps To approaching a confident women

Most guys out there find difficulties in walking up to a confident lady so to express their feelings. Most guys rather choose to go behind her to get her phone number so to send her text messages or probably add her up on media platforms just to get her attention. There are great steps you could adopt so to approach a confident lady out there and get her attention all to yourself. Before you think of walking up to a lady, you have to comport yourself and take the following steps.

1.    Work on your Questions: You have to source for meaningful questions that could easily get a woman’s attention. For example, asking a woman about the designer perfume she is wearing could easily attract good response there you could make a topic of discussion. Since women like questions about their wears, then you have too  look for more good questions about women’s fashion so you could easily attract a more  polite response from them.

2.    Visit Social Gatherings: Look for social gatherings where ladies are found, walk up to one or two and see how you could get their attention through the numerous questions you have been able to put together. From here you could get more confidence to approach a classic lady.


3.    Walk up to a Confident Lady: At this point, you must have had generated a collection of irresistible gist to keep a lady flowing with you. Here you could decide to go apply them on a confident lady and get her smooth response. Then you are good to go.

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